I/We have read the Terms and Conditions of Service available on the Website ( carefully. These terms and conditions of service constitute a legally binding contract between “NVGL” (Navigators Visa Global Logistics Limited)” and “Customer”. Where a NVGL document/invoice is issued, the terms and conditions contained or evidenced in such document shall, in so far as these are inconsistent with the NVGL Conditions, be paramount and govern the Services in respect of which the NVGL Document is issued. By availing any services of NVGL YOU agree to abide by and be bound by the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are not intended to alter the terms or conditions of any logistics agreement or any other agreement/contract you may have with NVGL and to the extent of any conflict, the terms of your agreement will prevail. I / We agree that the credit limit is approved for establishing business relationships and that it may be withdrawn at any time by Navigators Visa Global logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd. without prior notice.  I / We further agree to abide by the payment terms of Navigators Visa logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd. in force from time to time.  Credit Terms are agreed from invoice date. Duty or any other similar payments, if made on behalf of customer are not applicable in the credit terms. NVGL will not be liable for any Loss/Damage/Tampered etc. to the shipments as it will be subject to insurance of the shipment which is the responsibility of the customer for getting the shipments insured. I certify that all statements made and all information contained herein are true and correct and I understand that civil and criminal penalties, including forfeiture and sale, may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements herein. There should be always shipments in hand of NVGL prior releasing the last shipments else due till date need to be cleared by customer. A charge of 18% will be levied to customer if approved credit terms exhausted (Either Amount or Days).

Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

“Any dispute about the agreement /contract / work order/invoices shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts of Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction. Any dispute, claim, or controversy shall be finally settled by arbitration at Delhi by sole arbitrator to be appointed in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996